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Snellmanian aula Kuopion kampuksella.

Japanin kielen ja kulttuurin kansainvälinen konferenssi

Japanin kielen ja kulttuurin oppiaineen 30-vuotissynttäreitä juhlitaan kansainvälisellä konferenssilla
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Joensuun kampus, Agora-rakennus
Yliopistokatu 4

Terttu Rajala


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International conference of Japanese literature and culture 

Friday, the 1st December 2023, AG 101

9.30 Opening remarks.

Theme: Japanese literature

10.00-11.00 Keynote speech by Professor Andreas Niehaus (Ghent University).

“A Pissing Horse, Next to My Pillow”: Thoughts on Traveling as embodied practice in Edo-period travel literature. 

11.00-11.30 Coffee 

Session I 11.30-13.30, AG 101

Dalia Švambarytė (Vilnius University)

The Controversy Surrounding the Mention of Ise Monogatari in The Pillow Book

Aleksi Järvelä (University of Helsinki)

The weight of the past and anxiety in the present in the short works of Natsume Sōseki

Miika Pölkki (Independent Scholar)

Empowering graphic regime: critical possibilities of figures deployed on modernity’s flat surface in the writings of Tanizaki Jun’ichirō and Nakajima Atsushi

Terttu Rajala (University of Eastern Finland)

Moving and travelling in Hayashi Fumiko´s works.

13.30-14.00 Lunch break

Session II 14.00–16.00, AG 101

Theme: Japanese culture.

Plenary 1 by Maret Nukke (Independent researcher, Tallinn)

Substitutes for Honkadori Poetic Loans in New Nō Plays: Finding a delicate balance between tradition and innovation

Eetu-Antti Hartikainen (Hokkaido University)

Distinction in sauna enthusiasts' sakatsu: The five core categories of contemporary Japanese sauna-going

Viktoria Murskaja (University of Helsinki)

 Slurping in Unison – Food in post-war Japanese cinema as a signifier of changing values and interpersonal relationships

Session III 16.00-17.00, AG 101

Theme: Linguistics and language education

Saana Santalahti (University of Helsinki)

Sociolinguistic implications of Ainu language use in tourism contexts

Gabriella Asatouri (University of Helsinki)

Japanese education for honored state guests or elite refugees? – Discourse analysis of Japanese language education for Ukrainian evacuees in Japanese news media" 


Saturday the 2nd December 2023

Session IV 10-12.30, AG 100

Theme: Translations of Japanese literature.

10-11. Plenary 2 by Luk Van Haute (Ghent University)

Challenges of the Japanese Writing System in Literary Translation

Raisa Porrasmaa (University of Helsinki)

Translating The Scenery: Ambiguous Descriptions in Tokyo Ueno Station by Yū Miri.

12.30-14.00 Lunch break

Session V 14-17, AG 100

Theme: Japanese thought, ideology, and religion & miscellaneous

Virpi Serita (Teacher of Japanese Language and Corporate Culture)

Changes of Work-life in Japan in 2020`s 

Lasse Lehtonen (University of Helsinki) 

Music hyōronka Ōtaguro Motō and Taishō-era Domestication of Western Classical Music 

Reetta Näätänen (University of the Arts, Helsinki)

Case study of “Dream Transmission” – Exploring the interfaces between reality and fantasy in music inspired by Japan

Teuvo Laitila (University of Eastern Finland)

Nenbutsu in Shinran’s Tannisho

Katri Ikonen (University of Eastern Finland)

Religious dimension(s) of aikidō: chinkon kishin 

Pirjo-Riitta Kuusikko (Independent researcher) 

The Bibliography of Japanese Literature in Finnish - digital update.