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Workshop on Biomarkers for Epilepsies and Neurodegenerative Diseases

A free pre-event to Kuopio Epilepsy Symposium 2024
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Kuopion kaupunginteatteri, Maria-sali
Niiralankatu 2, 70600 Kuopio
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During this workshop we will discuss shared and distinctive characteristics of changes in neuronal markers in various neurological disorders and consider the emerging opportunities and challenges for their future research and diagnostic use. Lessons learned from other therapeutic areas as well as diversity of perspectives are expected to result in the generation of fresh ideas and innovative solutions.

Our guest speaker, Professor Johan Zelano, introduces us to the topic with his remote talk on “Blood based biomarkers in epilepsies and neurodegenerative diseases”. Johan Zelano is a Professor of neurology at Sahlgrenska academy and a consultant neurologist at Sahlgrenska university hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden.

The event is intended for companies from start-ups and health tech to pharma, investors, researchers, and clinicians. The purpose of the event is to stimulate creativity and promote future collaboration.

A project funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Brain Research Unit 2.0, at the University of Eastern Finland, organizes this group discussion as a free pre-symposium event in connection with Kuopio Epilepsy Symposium 2024. Sanna-Kaisa Herukka, PhD, leader of the UEF Biomarker laboratory, hosts and moderates the event.

Come to share your ideas and perspectives with others. Register for the group discussion event by 1 March.

For further information, please contact Maria Pikkarainen, email maria.pikkarainen@uef.fi.