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Professori Marja Hedman.

The CorFlux team is led by Professor Marja Hedman from the University of Eastern Finland and Kuopio University Hospital.

CorFlux predicts aortic ruptures and aims for the global market

CorFlux, which is based on cardiac surgery research and mathematical modelling, will step into the limelight in the final of the Y Science competition.

  • Text Risto Löf | Photo Riikka Myöhänen, Kuopio University Hospital
CorFlux-tiimin ryhmäkuva.
The CorFlux team (left to right): Lari Kujanen, Nora Rauhala, Matti Kurki, Pasi Karjalainen, Marja Hedman, Tero Puustinen and Tomi Nieminen.