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Alhaaltapäin kuvattu lasiseinäinen rakennus, puita pilkistää ylhäältä.

Doctoral education addressing sustainability transformations will start in Finland

The University of Eastern Finland leads a unique doctoral education pilot in sustainability transformations research, which will train 40 doctoral graduates in Finland. The pilot involves 10 universities and the Finnish Environment Institute, SYKE. The doctoral education pilot will be launched in the autumn of 2024.

Research within the doctoral education pilot will focus on sustainability transformations in different sectors of society to find solutions to climate change, biodiversity loss, and sustainable use and management of natural resources. The research themes include, for example, citizens’ lifestyles, planetary well-being and planetary health, production and consumption, governance and legal systems, and cultural transformations.

“Our research is solution-oriented. Our society needs solutions that are based on facts and considerate of ethical issues, and that will increase citizens’ trust in a good future,” says Professor Arto O. Salonen, the academic director of the doctoral education pilot.

The Ministry of Education and Culture, together with the Research Council of Finland, has granted 10.2 million euros to the doctoral education pilot in sustainability transformations. The participating universities will hire the students admitted to the doctoral education pilot. 

A doctoral degree provides graduates with the skills needed for working as independent researchers or in demanding expert positions in the academic and other sectors. The goal of the doctoral education pilot is for students to submit their doctoral dissertation for preliminary examination within three years of starting their doctoral studies.

Further information on the doctoral education pilot in sustainability transformations can be obtained from the academic director of the pilot, Professor Arto O. Salonen, and from the professors in charge of the pilot in the participating universities, who are listed in the table below. The table is indicative. In reality, the research themes are intertwined, as sustainability transformations are an interdisciplinary phenomenon.