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New Academy Research Fellows at the University of Eastern Finland

The Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Culture and Society has granted Academy Research Fellow funding to two University of Eastern Finland researchers, with the total funding amounting to around 900,000 euros. Funding is granted for a period of four years.

Docent, Senior Researcher Mirella Miettinen was granted 470,526 euros of funding for a project addressing the impact of EU chemicals policy and legislation on green transformations in the pharmaceutical sector in the EU.

Project description:
To tackle risks posed by pharmaceutical pollution, source, use, and end-of-pipe measures are needed. Source-oriented, e.g. green design require transformation(s) by many pharmaceutical actors and interdisciplinary effort to support new approaches. Today, there is little interdisciplinary interaction and few empirical studies on how actors implement green transformation in practice. This project examines the cross-cutting effects of EU chemicals policy and legislation – supporting green transformations – on the practices of pharmaceutical actors and how they perceive the depth of green transformations needed. The research, performed at the UEF, involves scholars in law, pharmacy, and environmental science. Theoretical literature is linked to empirical evidence from the analysis of policy and legal documents and qualitative interviews with different stakeholders. The outcomes inform EU and national chemicals and pharmaceutical policies and support deep green transformations in practice.

Docent, Postdoctoral Researcher Armi Mustosmäki was granted 429,601 euros of funding for the project “Smart women love money – Reconfigurations of femininity and motherhood in financialized welfare state (FemEconomicus)”.

Project description:
During the past few years, we in the Global North have witnessed a proliferation of financial self-help that invite women to save and invest to the financial markets, a phenomenon conceptualized here as “financial feminism”. This research project focuses on this recent cultural turn that this financial feminism creates and how it is changing gendered subjectivities and how these ideas are dis/connected from feminism and the politics of welfare states in new ways. The analyses draw on ethnographic data on financial feminism in social media and interviews of (non)investing women. In addition to possible emancipatory aspects of lived financial feminism, by being open to ambivalence, frustrations and disappointments, the study may open new perspectives not only on attachments to the current cultural conjuncture, but also on ruptures and disinvestments in financial feminism as well as to the welfare state.

For further information, please contact:

Mirella Miettinen,

Armi Mustosmäki, armi.mustosmaki(a)