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YUFE Alliance meets on the Joensuu Campus on 12–16 June 2023

The themes of the extensive meeting will revolve around international educational cooperation and the development of continuous learning and quality assurance.

Representatives of ten European universities will gather on the Joensuu Campus for a YUFE Alliance meeting to be held on 12–16 June 2023. The University of Eastern Finland has been a member of YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) ever since its establishment in 2019.

The YUFE Alliance seeks to develop European higher education, with its main themes pertaining to, e.g., European identity, citizen well-being, digitalisation, and sustainable development. The YUFE Alliance comprises ten universities in the UK, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Cyprus, Croatia and Finland, as well as two non-academic partners. Learn more about YUFE

The workshops, discussions and lectures of the Joensuu meeting will deal with international educational cooperation, internationalisation of study paths, development of continuous learning, opportunities for collaboration, and quality assurance within the YUFE Alliance.

“A particularly interesting opening in the development of education is the joint YUFE Bachelor’s programme that we are currently designing. This new international Bachelor’s degree programme will have a novel and unique structure, providing students with a great opportunity to study in ten European universities at once,” says Riikka Pellinen, Director of International Affairs at the University of Eastern Finland.

In addition to representatives of the YUFE partners, representatives of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland will also attend the meeting. Representatives of Karelia and Savonia Universities of Applied Sciences will be attending on 14 June.

During the meeting, YUFE representatives will visit a number of locations in the city of Joensuu, as well as on the Joensuu Campus of the University of Eastern Finland.

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