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YUFE Student Journey studies offer unique degree and international experience

The University of Eastern Finland (UEF) is part of the Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) Alliance. In addition to the University of Eastern Finland, the alliance includes Maastricht University in The Netherlands, the University of Antwerp in Belgium, the University of Bremen in Germany, Carlos III University of Madrid in Spain, the University of Essex in the UK, the University of Cyprus, the University of Rijeka in Croatia, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland and Sorbonne Nouvelle University in France.

UEF students may apply to join the activities of YUFE, and to study at universities that are part of the Alliance. Students have the possibility of completing virtual studies and of travelling as exchange students to one of the partner universities.. Some YUFE activities are open to all students, but others require the Student Journey status..

Miitri Oikarinen, who studies history at the Joensuu Campus, applied for YUFE Student Journey status last spring because he wanted international skills, new experiences, and more variation in his degree.

“I believe that my YUFE studies will help promote my career opportunities in Finland and abroad. It is also my experience that it can be beneficial for people to go a bit outside their comfort zone in order to improve their skills.”

Minor studies in Belgium

Oikarinen is now studying Urban heritage as a minor subject at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. He has also attended academic online courses  at the universities of Madrid and Maastricht.  Oikarinen has seen the benefits of his YUFE studies already as a student.

“Studies at other universities of the Alliance have greatly expanded my perspectives and experiences, and given me self-confidence for international studies and work. In addition, I have been able to study a minor subject that would not have been possible if I had just stayed in my own university.”

Oikarinen feels that his YUFE studies have merged well with his third year studies as a history student. The flexibility of YUFE studies has helped Oikarinen in planning his studies, with the students themselves deciding which activities and courses they want to take part in. Oikarinen encourages future applicants to apply for the YUFE Student Journey path even if their plans are not crystal-clear at the time of application.

“Don't overthink. It is better to apply than not to apply. Not everything needs to be clear right away. It is possible, and there is time to find your own strengths and new objects of interest as your studies go on.”

Student Journey application period is open from 3 April to 26 May 2023. It is possible to apply for YUFE studies at all degree levels. You may apply for YUFE Student Journey studies after completing a minimum of one academic year of bachelor-level studies. First-year students may apply in the spring term to start the YUFE studies in the following autumn. Masters’ students and post-graduate students may apply already at the start of their studies. Further information on YUFE and a link to the application document are available online at