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Accessibility and Decision-making Workshop

  • Seminaari
  • Talous ja yhteiskunta
Arkadiankatu 7, 00100 Helsinki
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​The workshop ‘Accessibility and Decision-making’ will be held in Helsinki on 8 June 2023. The keynote speaker will be Professor Rosie Harding from the University of Birmingham. This independent workshop will build on the results and ideas of the first workshop ‘Supported decision-making’ that was held in Joensuu on February.

How are life’s big and small choices to be made and how are their consequences to be evaluated? What is the legal language that is to be achieved? How, for example, can legal professionals provide support to a person with disabilities to decide on his or her own affairs? What obstacles there are for access to justice and to effective use of human rights?

The workshops will take the form of semi-structured discussions. Professor Harding will give expert presentations in the workshops, after which they have agreed to comment on research questions and themes raised by the PhD students and other researchers on the basis of short papers (approx. 1-2 pages) sent in advance.

Call for papers and registration open until 14 May. The programme will be published later here.

For more information on the workshop, please see this document.

Organiser: The Center of Law and Welfare, and Discipline of Civil Law
School of Law at University of Eastern Finland.

Contact person: Katja Karjalainen, University Lecturer, email katja.karjalainen@uef.fi.