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Boy cracking an egg.

Are eggs a superpower for the brain and memory? A scientific article for children explains

  • Text Ulla Kaltiala | Photos Raija Törrönen

An egg a day doesn’t seem to prevent or promote memory disorders. However, an egg a day may otherwise be beneficial for brain function, write the University of Eastern Finland’s nutrition researchers in Frontiers for Young Minds, a scientific journal aimed at children.

The idea for the article for children came from a study published as part of Doctoral Researcher Maija Ylilauri's doctoral dissertation, the results of which were originally published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

“I was told that researchers can offer stories about their articles to a scientific journal for children, so I sent in an abstract and they got interested,” Ylilauri says.

Frontiers for Young Minds is aimed at school children, and it features scientific articles that have been adapted for a child audience. Just like in real a scientific journal, the quality of an article is ensured by peer review, but in this journal, review is carried out by children.

“We had a 12-year-old reviewer whose feedback was very sympathetic. For example, we switched some difficult words for easier ones based on their comments.”

Many people ask whether eggs are a good or a bad food and whether egg intake should be restricted in some way.

Maija Ylilauri


Maija Ylilauri.