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Arco Architecture Companyn havainnekuva Snellmanian pyöräpysäköinnin uudistuksesta.

Arco Architecture Company’s visualisation of the bicycle parking at Snellmania.

Bicycle parking will be reformed on the Kuopio Campus during summer 2023

The construction of lockable bicycle parking will begin on the Kuopio campus in front of the Snellmania building in June 2023. The work is scheduled to be completed by the end of October.

During the construction work, a bicycle shelter with frame locking stands for about 130 bicycles will be built at the main entrance of the Snellmania building. The shelter will have a green roof. In connection to the alteration work, an additional 130 frame locking stands will be placed outside the shelter. Parking will also be arranged for city bikes in the same location. The lockable bicycle shelter of the Snellmania building will serve the entire campus.

The construction work will also improve accessibility by providing a direct connection from the public transport stop to the main entrance of the Snellmania building and by making the area more accessible to everyone.

The Action Programme for Sustainable Development and Responsibility of the University of Eastern Finland emphasises carefully considered low-carbon travel. The aim is to provide the students and staff with good opportunities and incentives to travel to campuses by using low-carbon modes of transport.

– The university wants to promote and support pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The popularity of cycling has increased delightfully, and improving the conditions for cycling responds to the growing demand, says UEF’s Director of Administration Tuomo Meriläinen.

Further information

Mikael Nummi, Project Manager, University Properties of Finland Ltd,, tel. +358 40 486 9696

Tarja Harjula, Director of Facilities Management, University of Eastern Finland,, tel. +358 50 331 0736