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Sanna Iskanius.

Sanna Iskanius.

Employment of international students: Talent Hub Eastern Finland cooperation is based on shared values

In autumn 2023, a unique project was launched to promote the employment of international students in Eastern Finland. Talent Hub Eastern Finland is a cooperation network led by six educational institutions that invites employers and international students to participate extensively.

Inclusivity, interactivity, impact, and continuity – these words define the way a collaborative network works and concretise the way it faces the challenges related to diversity in working life.

Inclusivity: Welcome to life in Eastern Finland 

Inclusivity invites everyone to join us in building a common future in Eastern Finland. It is part of a broader vision of a more diverse and open working life. 

Interactivity: Together we achieve more 

We create meeting places for dialogue and cooperation that build bridges between different groups. Through interaction, we get to know each other, and when we know each other, the threshold for cooperation is lowered. 

Impact: Change starts with a common will

Impact does not come about alone but requires close cooperation and networking. Only by working together can we change attitudes and atmosphere to be more positive about the diversification of working life. 

Continuity: The journey towards sustainable change 

Talent Hub Eastern Finland does not build bridges just for a while, but it lays the foundation for sustainable operations that will continue to carry on in the future. Continuity means that the project's measures are rooted in the everyday life of educational institutions and working life.

We set an example for others

The Talent Hub cooperation network has one common goal to which everyone involved is committed. In practice, this means that both individuals and educational institutions set an example for others through their actions. 

"Project staff must take values into account in their everyday choices. You must think about whether what you do leads to permanent action, enables interaction, and supports inclusivity”, says Project Director Sanna Iskanius.

"Cooperation between six educational institutions requires a new kind of ecosystem thinking aimed at impact from all of us. In other words, we are not just representatives of one educational institution, but part of a wider network.”

The importance of values as the backbone of operations is emphasised, for example, when the project's experts describe to employers how organisations can promote diversity in working life and what kind of support they receive from the Talent Hub services.

Values also serve as a good guideline when talking about attitudes more broadly. Eastern Finland will only succeed if we involve everyone in building a common future.

Talent Hub Eastern Finland is a cooperation of UEF, Karelia, Savonia, Riveria, Sakky and YSAO. We aim to ensure that international students who come to our region find their place, secure employment, and integrate into Eastern Finland. We will help students get to know Finnish working life, build networks, learn the language, and find internships, jobs and business opportunities. For employers, we offer support and concrete tools for recruiting, onboarding, and learning Finnish at the workplace as well as adapting to the Finnish work culture. The project is co-funded by the European Union. You can read more on our website.