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Sun shining behind trees and smoke.

Forest fires have an impact on the climate and air quality

Forest fires are part of nature's cycle. Due to global warming, however, they may become increasingly frequent. Emissions from forest fires have a significant impact on the climate, air quality and human health.

  • Text Marianne Mustonen
  • Photos Raija Törrönen and MostPhotos
Ville Vakkari, Annele Virtanenand Olli Sippula working in a laboratory.
Ville Vakkari, Annele Virtanen and Olli Sippula.

In coniferous forests, fire can smoulder in the peat for a long time without any visible flames.

Ville Vakkari

Researcher, Finnish Meteorological Institute

Burning grass in a laboratory study.
A savannah fire in miniature size. Emissions are directed into an ageing chamber.
Podcast: Forest fires heat up our world.