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Lasse Eronen, Dawn Oler, Teresa Butler-Doran sekä Kari Sormunen.

Lasse Eronen (on the left), Dawn A. Oler, Teresa Butler-Doran and Kari Sormunen meet each other about once a month in different places in the city and even elsewhere in the region, giving them an opportunity to explore new destinations together.

Fulbright grantees get to broaden their horizons and grow their intercultural competence

The University of Eastern Finland offers its students and staff members numerous opportunities for international mobility.

  • Text Nina Venhe | Photos Niko Jouhkimainen

Thanks to the time I spent in the United States, my intercultural competence and language skills grew, and I gained new perspectives on my field.

Kari Sormunen

Senior University Lecturer

Dawn Oler ja Teresa Butler-Doran Rougen tiskillä.
Dawn A. Oler (on the left) and Teresa Butler-Doran did not know each other before coming to Finland, but now, they are best friends. “We both have our own strengths, so we make a good team that complements one another as we embark on various adventures."

Before coming to Finland, we were told that Finns are shy and slow to warm up to people, but we don’t think that’s true at all!

Dawn A. Oler