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Man working with a microscope.

Innovations developed with external funding benefit all of society

External funding has given a boost to the development of research and education in the forest-based bioeconomy and medical computing alike. Research leads to increasingly accurate diagnostics and new surgical techniques, and provides tools for building an increasingly low-carbon society.



Without external funding, it wouldn’t be possible to create something as extensive as this.

Roman Bednarik

Associate Professor

Bednarik Roman in portrait.
Young tips of a spruce tree.
The University of Eastern Finland was one of the first higher education institutions in the world to prepare a university-level Bioeconomy Policy. The policy guides the development of research, education and impact relating to the bioeconom.

A clear high point in research was the Academy of Finland’s decision to select the UNITE consortium to the Flagship Programme.

Jyrki Kangas


Kangas Jyrki in portrait.