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New Academy Research Fellows, Academy Projects and Clinical Researcher at UEF in biosciences, health and environmental research

The Research Council of Finland’s Scientific Council for Biosciences, Health and the Environment has granted a total of 1.9 million euros of funding to three new Academy Research Fellows at the University of Eastern Finland, and a total of 4.9 million euros to 11 Academy Projects. In addition, the Research Council granted 140,000 euros to one new Clinical Researcher at UEF.

The Scientific Council announced its funding decisions on 12 June. The funding for Academy Research Fellows and Academy Projects is granted for a four-year period. 

Academy Research Fellows

Elena Puris: Unravelling the ABC's of Alzheimer's disease: the focus on the role of transporters in amyloid beta clearance, 522 641 €

Petteri Stenroos: Social deficits in depression – fMRI study on interacting mice, 594 883 €

Lauri Stenroth: A real-time biofeedback intervention for improving tibiofemoral cartilage quality in older adults, 745 321 €

Academy Projects

Frank Berninger: Understanding terrestrial Carbon exports to freshwater ecosystems in the American tropical region, 498 662 €

Annakaisa Haapasalo: Seeking improved diagnostics, new therapeutic approaches, and mechanistic understanding of frontotemporal dementia, 450 000 €

Pasi Jalava: Role of oxidation and Nrf2 in systematic approach to study adverse effects of ultrafine particles, 405 866 €

Katja Kanninen: Role of oxidation and Nrf2 in systematic approach to study adverse effects of ultrafine particles, 350 000 €

Lauri Korhonen: Transferable models for remote sensing of forest biomass with spaceborne lidar, 449 949 €

Rami Korhonen: Cell-driven digital twin for osteoarthritis therapy guidance, 599 964 €

Johanna Laakkonen: Stromal Phenoscape and Dual-Targeted Therapy of PIK3CA-driven Congenital Vascular Anomalies, 600 000 €

Riikka Laitinen: Hemicelluloses as pharmaceutical excipients: properties and mechanisms enabling modified oral drug delivery (HemiPharm), 368 879 €

Ismo Linnosmaa: PREcision promotion of positive mental WELLbeing among high-risk adult population (PREWELL): Capabilities, gamification, and digital intervention, 328 501 €

Hannu Nykänen: Predicting episodic N2O emissions from northern agricultural soils, 249 995 €

Alejandra Sierra Lopez: MDynamic-MRI: studying the microdynamics of the brain with multidimensional-MRI, 599 275 €

Clinical Researcher

Saara Sillanmäki: Novel CMR techniques in heart disease diagnosis & cardiovascular impact of sleep apnea, 140 000 €


Research Council of Finland press release

Researchers’ contact information: UEF Connect