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The essence of an apple

Scientific research offers different perspectives to the fruit – here’s how experts of biology, nutrition, history and theology approach the essence of an apple.

Harri Kokko.
Plant biologist Harri Kokko studying the harvest in the Pellesmäki orchard. Photo: Raija Törrönen
Girl holding an apple.
An apple is a good addition to a meal, and a good snack. Photo: Raija Törrönen
Omenapuu kukkii Oulun puistossa. Kuva: Wikimedia Commons
The cultivation of apple trees gained wider popularity in Finland over the course of the 19th century. In the photo, an apple tree blooms in a park in Oulu. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Hendrick Goltziuksen maalaus vuodelta 1616 Raamatun kohtauksesta, jossa Aatami ja Eeva haukkaavat omenaa.
Adam, Eve and the forbidden fruit are common themes in art history. The photo shows part of a Hendrik Goltzius painting from 1616. Photo: Wikimedia Commons