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Kolme henkilöä neuvottelee pöydän äärellä aulatilassa.

The higher education institutions of Eastern Finland are intensifying their education export cooperation by launching the Finland University website

The University of Eastern Finland together with Karelia and Savonia Universities of Applied Sciences use the well-known education export brand in business-to-business marketing.

The University of Eastern Finland, Karelia University of Applied Sciences and Savonia University of Applied Sciences will introduce the well-known Finland University brand in their education export cooperation.

Previously, Finland University was a joint education export company of several Finnish higher education institutions. The company has since closed its operations. Eastern Finnish higher education institutions will now continue to use the Finland University brand in their joint education exports.

The joint brand enables the University of Eastern Finland and Karelia and Savonia Universities of Applied Sciences to have a wider recognition, selection, and capacity in education exports. The joint website of education export operates at the web address

The selection of the education export cooperation includes services on the themes of education, green transition, sustainable business, and health and well-being. The unifying goal is to create future research-based know-how, understanding and expertise on a global level and among international partners.

“Our goal is to expand and diversify education exports into a larger entity. The cooperation and strong educational expertise of three Eastern Finnish higher education institutions create a good basis for exploring new markets. Research-based development of education increases the effectiveness of education in the target countries. Through new education export products, we are also building a new kind of research cooperation”, says Tapio Määttä, Academic Rector of the University of Eastern Finland.

Through Finland University, the higher education institutions of Eastern Finland market their services to the community and business sector (B2B) instead of individuals. The target groups are societal actors, non-governmental organizations, foundations, and companies from around the world. Education export's services extend from early childhood education to basic education in the social and health sector and higher education, as well as continuous learning. The services of sustainable business, green transition and health and well-being are also increasingly included.

“All three higher education institutions have strong expertise related to the challenges of climate change. Together, we can offer internationally interesting and multidisciplinary entities that promote sustainable development and the green transition. We implement the export of know-how, which is both ethically and financially sustainable”, states Mervi Vidgrén, President of the Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

“Cooperation with Finland University enables the implementation of educational export projects concerning the entire higher education sector. It also brings with it a sufficient pool of experts for the planning and provision of even more challenging and multidisciplinary projects. The economic potential of the cooperation in terms of education export is significant”, sums up the President of Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Petri Raivo.

For further information, please contact:

Riikka Pellinen, Director for International Affairs, University of Eastern Finland,, p. +358 40 355 2453

Virpi Laukkanen, Director of Internationality, Savonia University of Applied Sciences,, p. +358 44 785 6018

Liisa Timonen, Head of International Affairs, Karelia University of Applied Sciences,, p. +358 50 591 3397