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Joensuun kaupunki ilmakuvassa, kuvalähde

Our Joensuu: Own places, shared spaces

A map exhibition and open mapping workshop
  • Public event
  • Economy and society
  • Languages and cultures
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Joensuu City Library, room Muikku
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Koskikatu 25
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How does Joensuu look like that is unique to each of us and yet common to all? What kind of shared and divisive issues are shaping the city right now? Where are the soft spots and possibilities of the city of the future? What can the maps tell us about what is important in a shared city?

Our Joensuu is a map exhibition and open mapping workshop concentrating on issues of shared city space arranged at the Central Library's Muikku room 11.–16.3.2024. Maps made by secondary school pupils and high school students in the city will be on display, and each visitor will be able to tell about their own city with maps. The event invites together a rich tapestry of maps that allows people to tell about their lived places and their relationship to a shared, common urban space.

Our Joensuu looks for ways to talk about commonwealth in the urban environment, its shared spaces and jointly made resources. Particular attention is paid to living urban nature, to necessary social infrastructures and the continously renewed place names as forms of urban commons. 

The event is a part of a research project "Post-ownership as an interpretation and experience of economic change" at the University of Eastern Finland, funded by Kone Foundation.


For more information, please contact Tuomo Alhojärvi, email, phone +358 50 4702392.

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