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The farewell lecture of Professor Emerita Laura Assmuth

On borders, mobilities and identities: reflections from European margins
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Metria building, room M100, and online
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Yliopistokatu 7, Joensuu
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The farewell lecture of Professor Emerita Laura Assmuth will be held on Friday 14 April at 1.15 pm at the Joensuu Campus of the University of Eastern Finland. The lecture will take place in Metria building, lecture hall M100. It will be possible to participate in the lecture via Teams.


Opening, Professor Eeva Jokinen

Farewell lecture of Professor Emerita Laura Assmuth: On borders, mobilities and identities: reflections from European margins

After the lecture coffee, tea and cake will be served at Metria cafeteria (Wicket Rabbit).

We wish all Professor Emerita Laura Assmuth’s colleagues, collaborators, and students warmly welcome.

If you intend to attend in person, please register for coffee event by Thursday 6 April.

Laura Assmuth is Professor Emerita of Social and Public Policy, University of Eastern Finland. She holds a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology (University of Helsinki) and is Docent in Social Anthropology and Sociology. Her long-term research interests are migration and mobility, borders, gender, family, life course, identities, social inequality and peripheral rural areas. On these topics she has published extensively in many languages. Assmuth has conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Southern Italy, Sardinia, Estonia, Latvia, North West Russia, and Eastern Finland. She has led and participated in many international research projects and consortia, for example Inequalities of Mobility: Relatedness and Belonging of Transnational Families in the Nordic Migration Space (TRANSLINES, Academy of Finland, 2015-2019) and Multilayered Borders of Global Security (GLASE, Academy of Finland Strategic Research Council, 2016-2019). In her work and together with her research group members Assmuth has developed and encouraged interdisciplinarity, participatory, visual and art based methods, and collaboration between researchers and artists.

Further information: Associate Professor Tiina Sotkasiira, email