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Flags of the University of Eastern Finland.

Quality management

Infographics of quality management.
Infographics of quality management and strategic leadership.

The quality system (see the image on top of this page) allows us to maintain and improve the quality of the university’s activities. The policies and procedures recorded in the university’s quality system help us ensure that we are on the right path and will achieve our strategic objectives. The quality system’s descriptions and metrics enable us to react to the targets for development identified. The quality system provides support for the strategic objectives and helps the university and its units achieve them.

The university’s quality system:

  • supports the achievement of the objectives set out in the university’s strategy 
  • supports the work and studies of everyone at the university, as well as management and leadership
  • ensures that performance is aligned with the objectives and supports renewal and continuous improvement
  • supports the sharing of best practices and use of feedback received, as well as learning together
  • indicates whether the university is headed in the right direction or whether corrective measures are needed
  • clarifies the activities and makes them visible.

The quality system provides a framework and assigns the responsibilities and procedures for effective quality management. The quality system is based on appropriate organisation, management and decision-making. The purpose of strategic leadership and performance management is implementing the university’s strategy and processes and developing their quality. Quality management is an essential part of strategic leadership. 

The connection between strategic leadership, performance management and quality management is described in the image below. For their part, the university’s quality work and quality system also provide information supporting strategic leadership and performance management. 

How can quality be evaluated and enhanced?

FINEEC audited logo.

The quality system of the University of Eastern Finland was first audited in late 2010, following the launch of the university’s operations earlier that year. The university passed the audit.
The second audit of the university took place in late 2016 as an international audit, with some of the audit team members being international quality experts, and the audit language was English. The FINEEC Higher Education Evaluation Committee confirmed that the university passed the audit in early spring 2017.  
The quality label received is valid for six years at a time.

The third audit of the University of Eastern Finland’s quality system took place on 9–10 March 2022 as an international audit. The FINEEC Higher Education Evaluation Committee confirmed that the university passed audit on 3 March 2023. The FINEEC quality label is valid for six years, until 3 March 2029. 

The university’s audit report has been published on the FINEEC website