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Henkilö kuvaa puhelimella höytiäisen rannalla maisemia.

On the phone even outdoors – how does technology change our experiences of nature?

A newly launched project looks into how various devices and apps are shaping our relationship with nature.

  • Text Nina Venhe | Photos Niko Jouhkimainen
Juhana Venäläinen kuvaa puhelimella kasveja.
Juhana Venäläinen says that it’s sometimes difficult to stay in the role of a researcher. “I, for example, get childishly excited about different nature apps, but as a researcher I must be open to more critical interpretations as well.”

A mother bear and four cubs were looking at us from the edge of the woods. It was such a unique and unexpected experience of nature that we barely managed to capture it digitally.

Kaksi ihmistä kuvaa puhelimella, kun yksi pitää heinää kädessä.