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Kuvakollaasi yliopiston työntekijöistä.

One university, a thousand stories

Did you know that more than 3,000 people work at the University of Eastern Finland, employed under 225 different professional titles? This story sheds light on who they are, where they come from, and what they do.

  • Text by Nina Venhe and Risto Löf | Graphics by Bettiina Lievonen | Photos by Raija Törrönen and Varpu Heiskanen
Infographics of the university staff.
Infographics of the university staff.
Infographics of the university staff.

I see myself primarily as a member of an international network. Scientists are mobile people, and we find ourselves where it’s beneficial at each time.

Alina Solomon

Associate Professor in neuroepidemiology

Alina Solomon.

The will to achieve a truly inclusive university starts from the individual, from each of us taking responsibility for promoting it.

Susanna Kohonen

University Lecturer

Yliopistonlehtori Susanna Kohonen.

The very variety of different professions at the university makes each day here an interesting one.

Kjell Grinden

Facility Secretary

Grinden Kjell at work.

At the university, you can grow and develop in different roles, and thus get more responsibility. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in basic work and repeat mode.

Tomi Kontio

IT Solutions Architect

Tomi Kontio.