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UEF research assessment exercise 2023 – strong internationally recognised interdisciplinary research

The University of Eastern Finland has recognised 14 strategically important research communities, whose research is international and at a high scientific level, and they produce interdisciplinary scientific information and solutions to global challenges identified in the UEF strategy. The research communities cover approximately 80 per cent of the research activities of the university.

The UEF research assessment in 2023 evaluated the performance of the research communities (RCs) in the years 2019–2022. The evaluation was based on self-evaluation reports, compiled by the research communities, and an interview of the research communities by an external review panel. The evaluation panel consisted of academic, experienced, international members. The chair of the review panel was Professor Heikki Mannila from Aalto University.

The evaluation was done between March-November 2023. Self-evaluation reports were completed in April-June 2023. The panel evaluation and panel site visit took place in August-October 2023.

The main findings of the panel highlight that the research done at the university is of high quality and there are some research communities whose research is clearly world-leading in their areas. The themes of the RCs are all clearly societally important. The activities of the RCs show impact beyond academia in its various forms and via different routes. For a university of UEF’s size, this is remarkable.

The panel saw many fine examples of research excellence in UEF. The strong presence of the university in the Research Council of Finland Flagships, a funding instrument that requires scientific excellence, already demonstrated societal impact, capability for renewal, and the commitment of host institutions.

The RC is a strong and well-functioning instrument for advancing interdisciplinary research. The goals and the practice of RCs support strategic thinking, long-term planning, and renewal of research in the university.

The evaluation report of the UEF research assessment exercise in 2023 will be published on the UEFRAE2023 website.

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